Even More Pennis Jokes

Enjoy a new portion of pennis jokes:

After attending a party for his boss, the life of the party was nursing a king-size hangover and asked his wife, “What the hell happened?” “As usual, you made an ass of yourself in front of your boss,” replied the wife. “Piss on him,” answered the husband. “You did,” said the wife, “and he fired you.” “Well, fuck him,” said the husband. “I did, and you go back to work in the morning.”

I like this one a lot:

A Canadian, a Scotsman, and an Australian are in a bar discussing the mental abilities of their wives. The Canadian says, “You know my wife must be the most stupid woman in the world. She went to a supermarket sale and bought $900 worth of meat, and we don’t even have a freezer! The Scotsman says, “That’s nothing! My wife went out last week and bought a brand new $30,000 car, and she can’t even drive! Not to be out done, the Aussie says, “My wife is a lot dumber than that! Last week she left for a two week holiday in Paris and I saw her pack 20 condoms! Hell, she doesn’t even have a penis!”

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